UnitedHealthcare Introduces Electronic Visit Verification

Tomorrow’s Care Starts Today! 

Mobile technology has changed the way we live, work and play. We touch, swipe and pinch our way through everything from getting mail to managing schedules to organizing daily activities.

We are a digital, mobile world. So, when it comes to personal and home health care, it just makes sense to use mobile technology to verify, simplify and improve service delivery.

Introducing Electronic Visit Verification

Beginning July, 2019, UnitedHealthcare will require Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for all Statewide Medicaid Managed Care (SMMC) this includes, Long Term Care (LTC) and Managed Medical Assistance (MMA). EVV is a technology solution that electronically verifies the utilization and delivery of care services. Caregivers use their mobile device to see daily or weekly schedules and verify care delivery — right at the point of care. It’s that simple. Plus, as a provider you’ll always know — in real time — what’s happening with your visits.

As part of the transition to EVV, UnitedHealthcare has selected Tellus, LLC, as our technology partner. Tellus is a leading provider of EVV technology.

With Tellus eVV, you’ll enjoy:

  • Peace of mind because you always know your clients are getting the care they need.
  • Real-time visibility into visits so you can be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to late or missed visits.
  • Robust reporting and analytics that allow you to make the most informed and sound business decisions.
  • Accurate claims so you can submit them faster with fewer errors, meaning less rejections.

Simple Solutions

Tellus eVV is a cloud-based scheduling, visit verification and claims system that simplifies service with easy-to-use tools, significant process improvements and reduced paperwork.

It addresses the unique needs of providers and caregivers while also supporting self-direction and independence.

With Tellus eVV, caregivers use any smart mobile device to:

  • Check in to see daily or weekly schedules and confirm location.
  • Check off care tasks as they’re delivered.
  • Check out when the visit is complete.

Patient information and staff schedules are easily updated, and data is always secure and compliant, so caregivers concentrate on providing quality care to your customers.

Plus, Tellus eVV is so intuitive, it’s easily mastered with minimal training or technical skills.

Already have EVV?

Don’t worry. You can continue to use that service. Your vendor just needs to integrate with the Tellus system so the EVV data collected is electronically transferred for claims processing. Claims submitted to UnitedHealthcare must use the Tellus eVV Claims Console on, and after, the designated date for your region.

In an effort to give you a cost-effective solution, UnitedHealthcare is covering the cost of the service for providers who opt to use the complete Tellus eVV solution. The solution includes the Tellus eVV Mobile App, Administrator Console and a Claims Console. If you prefer to use your existing EVV mobile app, it must comply with the 21st Century Cures Act as well as UnitedHealthcare’s policies and procedures and meet the minimum requirements for electronic data interchange (EDI) with the Tellus system.

We encourage you to talk to your vendor as soon as possible. Your vendor needs to get in touch with Tellus at sales@4tellus.com now to begin the integration process.


You want to focus on care delivery, not technology. Tellus eVV’s user-friendly platform is fast, efficient and accurate, but especially important to caregivers, it’s easy to use with any mobile device.

Tellus provides instructor-led webinars, online user guides and video tutorials so you can quickly get started and stay on top of visit data and claims processing.

Using touchscreen technology on the mobile app, caregivers will learn how to manage daily schedules in the field, track tasks, confirm location and verify visits.

Training is an important first step to successfully implementing your EVV system. Mark the dates on your calendar, and watch your mail for more details. 

Don’t delay! Get started now at 4tellus.com/START

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