This summer I had the opportunity to be one of four summer interns here at Tellus. As a Health Science student with a background in Computer Science, I was seeking to gain more insight into the healthcare technology field and hopefully gain experience to further define my potential career path. When I was onboarded as an intern at Tellus, I was placed in the Marketing department. Having not been exposed to any sort of communications field, I was excited to learn all that I could about what goes into the branding and marketing for a software company like Tellus 

Since Tellus still has a ‘start-up’ feel to it, I quickly learned to be ready for anything. Within the first several days I was fed information on all things Tellus, Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), home health and claims processing. I had a lot of information thrown at me in the beginning, but everyone was patient and willing to answer any questions I had. During my second week, I helped Tellus put on their 2nd annual EVV national forum where I got to not only hear from leaders in EVV and Home Health, but I also had the chance to help our team prepare for the conference and make sure it ran smoothly. Over the past 10 weeks, I’ve also become adept at editing and uploading blog posts, handling communications for various clients, editing our web pages, and even building email drip campaigns from the ground up. I was given the creative freedom to complete a lot of these projects the way I best saw fit, which certainly helped me grow to work independently and taught me how to more effectively problem-solve.  

Aside from the practical skills I’ve gained from this internship, I have also met a lot of great people. From the very beginning, the atmosphere was always so welcoming. I want to say thank you to my whole team and to all the people here at Tellus that made this experience so fun. I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you for a great summer!