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Never worry about whether devices in the field are secure and compliant.


The Easy Way to Stay in Control

When you manage a staff that’s always on the move, mobile technology just makes sense. It goes where they go. But, when you’re dealing with personal devices across many networks and platforms, it can get dicey fast. Securing and managing all those mobile devices can add another layer of complexity and challenge to your business.

That’s why Tellus offers a turnkey solution. When you add Tellus Mobile Device & Security Management to your Tellus solution, you have the peace of mind knowing devices are always secure and compliant. Not only that, you’ll significantly increase productivity and streamline workflow so caregivers focus their time and attention on delivering exceptional care.

Tellus Mobile Device & Security Management packages are affordable and include:


  • Smartphones delivered directly to your agency.
  • Generous mobile data plans with 25Mb per month.
  • Security and mobility management dashboard so you can easily secure and manage devices remotely, while your staff keeps working.
  • Location-based services that let you locate, lock or erase lost devices anywhere, anytime.
  • Freedom from the administrative and security cost of managing HIPAA data on personal devices.
  • Your Tellus mobile apps installed, always up-to-date and ready to go.
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-use dashboards so you can effectively schedule, manage and communicate with remote staff.
  • 21st Century Cures Act compliance.
  • Integration with state, managed care organization and home health systems, when available.