Mobile Caregiver+ EVV October Newsletter

Mobile Caregiver+ EVV October Newsletter


Important Mobile Caregiver+ Updates:

  • As of July 8, 2021, the Tellus EVV system has changed its name from Tellus EVV to Mobile Caregiver+. The Tellus name and branding is being retired and replaced with the Mobile Caregiver+ name and branding. To learn more visit:
  • Introducing your new resource for Customer Support: The Service Now Portal! The Service Now Portal must be utilized to open Customer Support cases and to track the status of resolution of these cases. We encourage all providers to view the recorded training video provided via the link below, and access the portal to open support cases. Click here to access the Service Now training video.

Tips and Tricks to Help With your EVV Experience

  • Denied Claims: We understand that denied claims can be frustrating, and we’d like to share some of the most common reasons why your claims may be denied along with tips on how to avoid claim denials. Important Note: Please remember that Mobile Caregiver+ does not adjudicate claims, as once your visits are released from Mobile Caregiver+ they are sent directly to FMMIS, and FMMIS adjudicates your claim. Always refer to your FMMIS Remittance Advice as the source of claim adjudication and payment status.
      There are two common reasons why you may receive this denial reason:
      Reason #1: Claim was denied by FMMIS because it has already been billed and paid. This is an appropriate claim denial.
      Reason #2: Claim was denied by FMMIS because the visit was released from Mobile Caregiver+ for multiple visits for the same recipient on the same day of service (DOS), however those multiple visits were not released in Mobile Caregiver+ in the same batch. To avoid this denial, always submit multiple visits for the same DOS for a single recipient in the same batch. Providers will have the option to resolve these claim denials by adjusting their paid claim and submitting that visit in Mobile Caregiver+. For more information on how to adjust paid claims, please reference the “Adjusting Claims” training resource located at:
      This denial reason often points to the rendering provider not being linked to the Behavioral Analysis agency in FMMIS. Please refer to your FMMIS portal to ensure that, for the DOS being billed, your rendering provider that is present on the denied claim was truly linked to your agency. For additional support contact the AHCA Provider Services team at 1-800-289-7799, option 7, for billing assistance and option 4 for enrollment assistance.
      This denial reason often points to a rendering provider number being incorrectly entered into the Mobile Caregiver+ user record, therefore causing FMMIS to deny your claims. To help avoid claim denials due to this denial reason, please go to your “User” tab and ensure that each of your rendering providers have the correct rendering provider ID on file.
  • Support for Claim Status Notifications in Mobile Caregiver+
    Once AHCA BA providers release claims from their Mobile Caregiver+ Worklist, a variety of statuses may be present. Please see guide below:

    1. Released: Visits are in “released” status when the provider selects to release a claim from the worklist.
    2. Submitted: Visits are in “submitted” status once Mobile Caregiver+ transmits the claims to FMMIS.
    3. Accepted: Visits are in “accepted” status once FMMIS confirms that the claim has successfully been received by the FMMIS system. If your claim is in “accepted” status for more than 10 days, this most often points to FMMIS not processing your claim. Please see “Special Note” below for additional information.
    4. Paid/Denied: Once your claim has been adjudicated by FMMIS, your claim review will show your claim in either paid or denied status. Remember to always reference your FMMIS Remittance Advice for the most up to date and accurate status of your claims, as FMMIS is the only source of claim adjudication for AHCA BA providers.


Special Note for Providers Who Have Claims in “Accepted” status for more than 10 days: If your claim is in “accepted” status for more than 10 days in the Mobile Caregiver+ claim review, this most often points to FMMIS not processing your claim. The next step is to check your FMMIS Remittance Advice to determine the reason why your claim is not being processed by FMMIS. For additional guidance on resolving issues with claims that are not being processed by FMMIS, please reference the July 1, 2021 AHCA BA Provider Alert at this link:


Looking For 24/7 Training Options?

On-demand video training is accessible at any time.
Click the link to access training videos for claims, mobile app and the admin dashboard:


Stay Up to Date with Provider Alerts and Known Issues Update

Looking for the latest updates? Stay up to date with the latest EVV news from Tellus website:


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If You Have a Technical Issue, Please Contact the Customer Support Team

  • Open a support ticket by clicking support ticket link
  • Reach a live agent Monday-Friday between 8:00 am-5:00 pm at 1-833-622-2422

Additional Information:

To view additional training materials please go to and select the Training & Resources tab. If you have questions regarding training or system registration you may contact us at: 1.833.622.2422.

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