Mobile Caregiver+ EVV December Provider Newsletter

Mobile Caregiver+ EVV December Provider Newsletter


Update on Troubleshooting GPS Issues and/or VLOC Errors in Netsmart Mobile Caregiver +


This update is a follow up to the October 18, 2021 Provider Alert in which AHCA and Netsmart addressed the issue with AHCA BA providers calling Netsmart customer support to request a case number for mobile app, GPS or VLOC errors. Case or Ticket Numbers will only be provided to callers who are able to provide complete documentation of an error with the Mobile Caregiver+ mobile application, including a screenshot of the error at the time the error occurred. However, screen shots must only pertain to legitimate mobile app technology issues (such as a lagging mobile app) that is preventing user from clocking in or out of a visit. A screen shot of the actual technical error is the only appropriate screen shot. Because Netsmart continues to receive inappropriate requests for case numbers from providers, we would like to provide additional clarification around this topic. Please see troubleshooting tips provided below to better understand appropriate vs. inappropriate requests for mobile app, GPS or VLOC support.


Common Reasons as to why Providers Are Reporting GPS, VLOC and/or Mobile App Issues and Tips for Avoiding These Issues:


Reason #1: Users Have Not Updated Their Mobile App.
The most common reason why users are reporting mobile app malfunctioning errors is due to users using an older version of the mobile app. Netsmart updates the Mobile Caregiver+ application every month; therefore, providers that do not use the most current version of the mobile app may experience lagging app and/or other mobile app related issues. Admins, please ensure providers are using the most recent version of the mobile app at all times.


Reason #2: Providers are not fully completing their visit at the scheduled service location.
The mobile app is designed to capture the GPS visit location of the provider upon fully completing the session. Please see screen shot below which shows the step that must be taken to fully complete a visit. To avoid GPS variance issues, providers must perform this step at the scheduled visit location, The GPS will capture the user’s visit location once the user clicks the “complete visit” button located at the bottom of the caregiver/parent’s signature line.


Tap Complete Visit.
An alert will appear, indicating that the visit is complete and successfully verified.

To view the mobile app training guide please visit:


Reason #3: The recipient address in the admin dashboard does not match the recipient address in Google maps.

Because the Netsmart Mobile Caregiver+ technology pulls data from Google Maps, Netsmart recommends ensuring that all visit addresses stored in the recipient tab match the recipient address as written in Google maps. Admins are encouraged to review and compare the recipient visit addresses stored in EVV with the address as it appears when typed into Google Maps (i.e. 123 NW 3rd Street vs. 123 Northwest 3rd St.). Taking this step will help reduce GPS variance issues.


Reason #4: Provider forgot to clock in/clock out.
It is not appropriate to contact Netsmart or to open a support case to ask for a case number for forgetting to clock in/clock out. Netsmart will not open a case number for this occurrence.


Reason #5: Provider is calling to request a case number for payroll purposes.
It is not appropriate to contact Netsmart or to open a Support case to ask for a case number for payroll purposes. Netsmart will not open a case number for this occurrence.


Additional Netsmart EVV Updates:

  • Reminder: The Tellus name has been retired. As of July 8, 2021, the Tellus EVV system has changed its name from Tellus EVV to Netsmart Mobile Caregiver+. Please discontinue the use of the name “Tellus” and replace it with “Netsmart”.
  • Important Reminder from AHCA on immediately updating your demographic data in FMMIS: As per the October 27, 2021 Provider Alert, a recent assessment by AHCA determined that many AHCA BA service providers have telephone numbers or email addresses that are not unique or may not be complete or accurate in FMMIS. The unique e-mail or phone number in FMMIS is used for Mobile Caregiver+ user credential/password messaging. Unless this data is immediately updated in FMMIS, providers may experience issues logging onto their Mobile Caregiver+ application. Providers need to immediately check and update their contact data in the FMMIS portal. Please note that mobile phone numbers must be SMS-capable (i.e., able to receive a text message) to support password reset. If a phone is not SMS-capable, then a valid unique e-mail address is required. Failure to update email addresses and SMS-capable phone numbers in FMMIS may lead to user issues in the Mobile Caregiver+ mobile application. To view the full October 27, 2021 provider alert on this topic visit:


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