As technology improves and apps innovate, data security remains a consistent focus. In an effort to enhance security for developers using Apple’s open-source CareKit platform, the security firm Tresorit announced on Tuesday a new tool that offers increased privacy options.

Up to this point, any healthcare professionals or hospitals developing patient-focused apps through CareKit who wished to share private data across devices or other services didn’t have an easy method to automatically encrypt the data and upload it to the cloud. An end-to-end encryption process with cloud storage, messaging and remote sign-ins wasn’t readily available, hence the adoption by health care apps was atypical. Now these developers can opt-in to the platform which uses enhanced cloud security, meaning more home care, diabetes or biometric projects that will better comply with government and HIPAA privacy rules around patient PHI (Protected Health Information).

The technology, called ZeroKit, is a “Zero Knowledge” user authentication service and end-to-end encryption SDK that developers can embed in their apps eliminating the need to worry about password and data breaches.

“Our mission is to give the ability to developers to give privacy to you,” Tresorit senior vice president David Szabo said. “Developers don’t want to see patients’ passwords.”

Tresorit simply wants developers, hospitals and care providers to focus on the important piece of the health care continuum puzzle — creating products that will make patients’ lives better.

“Apple designed the iOS platform and CareKit with security at its core. When building apps where data is shared across devices and with other services, developers want to extend this security to the cloud. This is exactly what ZeroKit does,” the ZeroKit team wrote in a blog post on Apple’s CareKit blog.