Important Alert on Three Topics:

Important Alert on Three Topics:


  1. Mobile Caregiver+ Mobile App Log In/Password Updates
  2. Guidance on Suspended/Denied Claims in FMMIS
  3. AHCA Contact for Medicaid Enrollment Questions (correction from previous Provider Alert)

Topic #1: Mobile Caregiver+ Mobile App Log In/Password Issues


A recent assessment by AHCA determined that approximately half of AHCA BA service providers have telephone numbers or email addresses that are not unique or may not be complete or accurate in FMMIS. The unique e-mail or phone number in FMMIS are used for Mobile Caregiver+ user credential/password messaging. Unless this data is immediately updated in FMMIS, providers may experience issues logging onto their Mobile Caregiver+ application. Providers need to immediately check and update their contact data in the FMMIS portal. Please note that mobile phone numbers must be SMS-capable (i.e., able to receive a text message) to support password reset. If a phone is not SMS capable then a valid unique e-mail address is required. Failure to update email addresses and SMS-capable phone numbers in FMMIS may lead to user issues in the Mobile Caregiver+ mobile application. Do not delay — Once your telephone or email address is updated in the FMMIS, it can take several days before the new information is in the Mobile Caregiver+ system to allow visit scheduling. To make this update the provider should access the secure Portal at: and follow these instructions:





Topic #2: Guidance on Suspended/Denied Claims in FMMIS


AHCA is reporting an increased number of suspended or denied claims in FMMIS. AHCA would like providers to be aware of three primary reasons why claims are being suspended and/or denied so that providers may immediately resolve these issues. Please note that these issues must be resolved by contacting Gainwell (See Topic # 3 below), and not by contacting Netsmart. The Netsmart customer support team may not be able to provide support for claims that are suspended or denied in FMMIS.


  1. Primary reason #1: Providers have not completed their Medicaid re-enrollment or providers have been terminated from Medicaid and need to reapply. Please contact Gainwell to resolve this issue.
  2. Primary reason #2: Providers have an invalid mailing address in FMMIS. Please update your mailing address in the FMMIS portal, as AHCA has determined that the mailing address is invalid if a mailer was sent by AHCA and returned as “undeliverable”.
  3. Primary Reason #3: Provider claims are being denied due to the referring provider’s NPI being a group NPI. Please note that claims must include the referring provider’s individual NPI and not the group NPI.


Topic #3: Contact Information for AHCA BA Provider Medicaid Certification or Enrollment Questions (correction from previous Provider Alert)


Below is the contact information for the AHCA team, which may resolve issues with suspended claims in FMMIS due to Medicaid certification or enrollment issues:


The AHCA Provider Enrollment Contact Center phone number is 1.800.289.7799.
Press Option 7 to speak to a provider call center specialist.
Press Option 4 for general questions regarding provider enrollment.

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