Miss the SXSW festival? Here were the health care highlights from Biden to health innovation hubs:

MedCIty News stopped by our booth at SXSW and let us give them a brief walkthrough of our patent-pending DigitalHealth Suite. Here is the blurb:

“Telemedicine Magazine publisher, Logan Plaster, and I walked the convention floor together discussing innovative presenters. Two that stood out to us were PokitDok and Tellus as the infrastructure players that will be at the heart of the new digital systems. PokitDok calls itself the infrastructure for digital health with an API allowing two-way interoperability between devices, apps, hospitals and payers. Tellus has patented the technology allowing hospitals to add apps to their system.”

It’s always exciting when outsiders become just as excited about the potential for digital health as we are. It’s never been more important to rethink the way we prescribe, monitor and measure medical apps and devices in a closed-loop, scalable way. Continuous app launches and device advancements are being announced and hospitals and patients are simply overwhelmed. Do we really have time to search reviews of the over 140+ Diabetes apps on the market? Do Doctors have the time to sift through the almost 160,000+ apps to build the perfect treatment solution for a patient with a chronic disease? Tellus is working on a way to solve some of these problems. Stay tuned for more updates.