Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for BA Discontinued Effective February 5, 2022


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Update: Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for BA Discontinued Effective February 5, 2022


This provider alert updates and replaces the alert issued on January 10, 2022, entitled:  “Electronic Visit Verification for Behavior Analysis Service (EVV) Discontinued Effective February 5, 2022”.


Effective February 5, 2022, the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency) is no longer requiring behavior analysis (BA) providers to utilize the Agency’s contracted electronic visit verification (EVV) vendor to verify Medicaid BA services and transmit claims to the Florida Medicaid Management Information System (FMMIS).


Providers must begin billing directly in the Florida Medicaid Secure Web Portal effective February 5, 2022, as the Netsmart EVV system will no longer be available to BA providers.


Providers have the option of direct data entry, sending in an 837P claims transaction, or using a Billing Agent/Clearinghouse.


To allow providers time to make the adjustment, providers may bill through Netsmart or the Florida Medicaid Secure Web Portal beginning January 10, 2022, regardless of date of service.


Effective February 5, 2022, providers must only bill through the Florida Medicaid Secure Web Portal, as the EVV system will not be available for transmitting claims to FMMIS.


If you have visits scheduled or unmatched visits, in the EVV system, then you may bill for those visits directly in the Florida Medicaid Secure Web Portal.


If you have denied claims in the Florida Medicaid system, you should correct the edits based on your remittance advice and bill Florida Medicaid directly via the Florida Medicaid Secure Web Portal.


You can view additional FAQs using the document below:

EVV for BA FAQs 1-10-22


Training and Contact Information

Training on the use of the secure Web Portal is located on the Florida Medicaid Public Web Portal at:  http://portal.flmmis.com/FLPublic/Provider_ProviderServices/Provider_Training/Provider_Training_Presentations/tabId/84/Default.aspx.  You may also contact the Provider Services main telephone line at 1-800-289-7799 and select Option 7: Provider Services Contact Center and Field Services Representatives.


Additional Information

A list of frequently asked questions can be found on the Agency’s website at: https://ahca.myflorida.com/medicaid/Policy_and_Quality/Policy/behavioral_health_coverage/bhfu/BA_Services.shtml.

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