Company Partners with Tellus, Visante and Pharmacy Stars to deliver digital health solutions that turn clinical care into connected health.

Las Vegas, Nev (September 19, 2019) – Digital Health Enterprises, LLC, a digital health care technology provider, announced today that it has partnered with leading health care technology companies Tellus, Visante and Pharmacy Stars to better connect payers, providers and patients with solutions that effectively extend care beyond the hospital or clinic. Digital Health Enterprises’ patent-pending digital health suite provides reliable, secure, and ongoing management of digital applications and connected devices, resulting in actionable intelligence that increases patient engagement, informs care management, improves patient outcomes and delivers a better overall health care experience.

Strong Support, Promising Market

With costs continually rising, the health care industry is in the midst of a paradigm shift impacting how patient care is delivered and managed. Health care organizations are increasingly seeking alternative ways to communicate with and monitor patients in more cost-effective ways, particularly outside of the hospital or clinic. With the emergence of a broad array of connected devices, they’re turning to Mobile Medical Applications (MMAs) to reduce costs, collect health information from patients, manage and monitor general health, ensure medication adherence and inform care plans.

This shift is fueling rapid growth in the digital health care market with apps and devices that allow better management of general health and wellbeing of patients as well as chronic illnesses. Using apps and devices, clinicians and patients can monitor activity levels, caloric intake, dietary concerns, weight and blood pressure among other key health information. These apps can also be used for more complex concerns like blood glucose levels, infertility, cardiac rhythm, menopausal systems and sleep apnea with CPAP machines.

“We see app and mobile technology being adopted at unprecedented rates. It’s not a matter of how big the market can be — it’s a question of the growth rate it achieves,” said Brad Levine, CEO at Tellus.

Digital Health Enterprise’s ConnectedHealthRx suite allows health care organizations to manage MMAs and devices just like a pharmacy: The suite includes the following modules:

  • Credentialer that powers the review and approval of health-related apps and devices based on safety, security, efficacy and cost.
  • Tech Store that serves as the central access point for approved apps and devices.
  • Formulary that allows the management of digital apps and devices using trusted principles of pharmaceutical management.
  • Prescribe that is available right in the Electronic Health Record for prescribing health-related apps and devices to patients.
  • Insight that collects and delivers health data from the apps and devices to the EMR for the clinician to manage care.

“Visante sees the value and the future in connected health. When clinicians and patients have better access to health data, they make more informed decisions that keep individuals healthier. It just makes sense that health care organizations would manage health care apps and devices just like they manage prescription medication formularies,” said James Jorgensen, CEO at Visante.

Digital Health Enterprises is positioned to be an industry leader in supporting the effective use of these rapidly expanding data resources. Its patent-pending digital formulary management system, ConnectedHealthRx, already in use in large health institutions, allows payers and providers to manage MMAs and connected devices using the well-trusted principles of drug formulary management.

“We are all about helping the health care industry improve the quality of care through digital solutions and analytics. Our ConnectedHealthRx solution allows payers, providers and patients to work together to achieve lower costs, increased engagement and healthier outcomes for all,” said Paul D. Snow, President of Digital Health Enterprises.

“This is an area with great potential, and we have proven practices and methodologies already in place for medication management. We can apply those same trusted principals to applications and devices,” said Keith Streckenbach, CEO at Pharmacy Stars.

Marketing Focus, Healthcare Expertise as Key Differentiators

Digital Health Enterprises’ intense focus on improving the quality of care while reducing the cost for payers, providers and patients distinguishes the company from others.

“We imagined a health care system having actionable data that informs MMAs and connected device selections based on utilization, efficacy, safety and cost.” Snow said “Our team envisions ConnectedHealthRx will become the industry-leading management platform for connected health for payers, providers and patients at a time when the health care industry needs it most.”

About Digital Health Enterprises:

Digital Health Enterprises is a health care technology company that provides comprehensive solutions that help health care providers and health plans manage risk and cost, while increasing patient engagement and encouraging self-management for healthier outcomes. This is accomplished through a proven, patent-pending method of vetting, prescribing and managing digital health apps and devices for reliable, secure ongoing management of health care.

Digital Health Enterprises takes a health and wellness approach that enables people to use digital health care technology in a way that fits their lifestyles, so they live their best, most healthy lives. That means turning clinical care into connected health. With the Digital Health Enterprises suite of solutions, clinicians and patients have easy access to apps and devices that monitor health anywhere, anytime.

Our technology offers safe solutions in a proven standard that work across the health care system. Learn more at