AHCA Behavior Analysis
Electronic Visit Verification

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Schedulers & Billers

Scheduling and billing behavior analysis (BA) services using EVV technology has benefits for data transparency, claims filing, and efficiency for provider operations.

Using the new EVV system for BA services will help providers analyze patient needs, schedule services appropriately, communicate securely, and easily document, and file claims.

If you are already using EVV and want to continue with your current system, ask your vendor to contact Tellus at integrations@4tellus.com to begin the integration process so we can ensure you are ready by October 1, 2019.

Schedulers and billers will have administrative access to the platform via their web browsers. Providers will be added to the system using the Administrator Console. Once added, the provider will receive an email or text message, depending on the contact method provided, to set up an account. Please remind your BA providers to enroll in training using the Training & Resources link in the menu above so your staff will be in compliance with the October 1, 2019, BA EVV effective date.

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