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Tellus, LLC., is the leading EVV provider/software manufacturer and founding member of the National EVV Association (NEVVA: serving as an industry voice and resource for news, regulatory information, expertise and advocacy efforts related to EVV), providing EVV software and claims processing technology designed specifically for the home health and long-term care markets. We are also contracted directly with multiple states, with exclusivity in Florida. Our clients include several managed care companies including Anthem, Aetna and UnitedHealth Group, amongst others.

Our comprehensive, cloud-based solutions work to simplify, streamline and quickly and easily verify care delivery tasks and process claim data right at the point of care. That means agencies, caregivers and patients can focus their time and attention on what matters most — improved care delivery with better outcomes, greater efficiency and cost reduction.


The Smarter Way to Care

You need a technology partner that clears the way for you and your staff to focus your time and attention on that — instead of on time-consuming, tedious processes and documentation.

Partners That TRUST Our Platform


21st Century Cures Act Compliant

Tellus is experienced in implementing EVV for states, managed care organizations and agencies. Tellus EVV is fully compliant with the 21st Century Cures Act, which includes, among a variety of health-related concerns, a mandate for providers to implement Electronic Visit Verification for Medicaid-funded personal care services by January 2020 and home health services by January 2023.

Let Tellus help you implement an EVV solution that goes far beyond simple compliance to make your everyday tasks and processes smarter, simpler and faster.



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